Trafalgar Indiana

Trafalgar, Indiana, right on State Road 252 in Indiana, only about 20 minutes from the giant metropolis, Indianapolis, is a little town surrounded by other small satellites of Indy. Turning north on State Road 135, only minutes away, will get the commuter to Indianapolis in a straight shot, passing by other small burgs such as Bud, Providence, Bargersville, Stones Crossing, El Dorado, Critchfield, Frances and Hendricks.

The population of Trafalgar has been steadily increasing over the years, since the 2000 census put it at 798 people. When you live in a town as small as Trafalgar, Indiana, you tend to count every new resident. In 2006, the population count was estimated to have shot all the way up to 1,045, representing a gradual growth over a period of six years.

Other cities and towns in Johnson County include Franklin, Indiana, which is the county seat, with and estimated population of 22,672 in 2007; Greenwood, Indiana, which claims 46,389 inhabitants; New Whiteland, with 5,698 residents; Edinburgh, with 4,237 people; Whiteland, at 4,395; Bargersville, which had 2,656 inhabitants in 2007; and Princes Lakes, a small town that exceeds Trafalgar’s population by only 500 people.

Trafalgar‘s only claim to fame is that it is home to WTTV’s transmitter, which serves the WTTV station in northeast Indianapolis.

Trafalgar Real Estate

Trafalgar is one of those tiny satellite communities where those who live there come home from their commute to work, and relax in the comparative peace and quiet of small town America life. There are many nice communities in this small, Midwestern town. You can see all Trafalgar real estate here.

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