Indian Creek High School

Indian Creek High School, located in Trafalgar, Indiana south of Indianapolis downtown, serves more than 600 Hoosier students each year. The faculty and staff at Indian Creek High School work diligently to provide every enrolled student equal educational opportunity. Students at Indian Creek High School are active learners in a curriculum designed to prepare them to be responsible United States citizens, life-long learners and participants in a global technological society.

Every student is provided the knowledge, attitude, skills and habits necessary for success in the real world. At Indian Creek High School continuous improvement is the name of the game. Every member of the Trafalgar community have a voice in deciding how best to serve students at Indian Creek High School. As a dynamic organization, Indian Creek High School creates a positive atmosphere full of care and support for each of its students. Yet at the same time, students at Indian Creek High School are held to high standards of academic achievement. Teachers are there every step of the way to see these Trafalgar children reach and exceed goals.

Indian Creek High School operates under six core values. They are communication, collaboration, competence, integrity, respect and responsibility. Under these ideas, Indian Creek High School creates an atmosphere on its campus charged for success. Students at Indian Creek High School enjoy small class sizes with a 17:1 ratio of students to teachers. Teachers at Indian Creek High School are highly qualified with a large majority holding Masters Degrees. They are prepared to help students ready themselves for post-secondary education, which 86 percent of graduates from Indian Creek High School go on to pursue. Many students of Indian Creek High School end up in some of the largest colleges and universities in Indiana.
In addition to being a well-rounded academic school, students at Indian Creek High School understand the advantage to interactive and fun learning outside the classroom. That is why most every student is involved in one or more of 12 co-curricular clubs, 16 athletic teams or both. In addition, Indian Creek High School offers 23 vocational education programs through the Central Nine Career Center in Greenwood, Indiana, giving students the option to pursue hands on learning that will lead to a career right out of high school.

Students at Indian Creek High School follow a block 8 schedule in which they meet in classes for 85 minutes at a time every other day. And there is a 37 minute resource period, which meets daily after second block. This time is used for study, club meetings and sometime tutoring and personal help.

For more information about this central Indiana High School, visit Indian Creek High School’s website. The Trafalgar education happening there is on par with Indianapolis education standards. These students are ready for success!

Indian Creek High School
803 W Indian Creek Dr
Trafalgar, IN 46181